About ANTE

The Story Behind ANTE

Back in 2009, while working in an inpatient stroke rehab unit, one of my patient’s had vestibular symptoms and I felt unprepared to provide her adequate treatment. I started reading as much as I could and found a mentor to guide me through treating her. After that patient had excellent results, I was completely fascinated by the vestibular system and started learning as much as I could. A few years later, I went to Emory University to complete the “Vestibular Competency” course and absolutely loved being immersed in the world of vestibular therapy. I subsequently became the lead therapist for an outpatient vestibular rehab program in St. Louis, MO.  After years of learning as much as possible and taking every advanced course I could, I developed my own continuing education course and traveled around the country to teach. I loved meeting therapists from all over and really loved teaching. I found that the feedback was pretty much the same everywhere, people felt like they finally understood, like something clicked. I absolutely loved helping therapists gain that confidence. In 2012 my husband and I decided to move back to my hometown, Baton Rouge, LA. I was fortunate to be able to join an interdisciplinary team in a large neuro-otology practice. I have loved the challenge of working in a bustling tertiary care center, but I realized that I truly missed teaching. So, in 2019, I launched Advanced Neuro Therapy Education with the goal of teaching local therapists about the vestibular system. I recently realized that I want to reach even more therapists and offer more content. I was fortunate to have a colleague who shares my same passion and so I brought Sydney Duhe onto the team. We are excited to see what this new phase of ANTE can offer!